Donate a meal today.
The meal that tastes the best is the one shared with all the rest!


Make a positive change in the everyday life of families in need or homeless people. Every donation of canned or fresh food and groceries is welcomed. Personal hygiene products are also needed.

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Real Acts of Kindness

Хуманитарни акции во Македонија

By making small donations such as food supplies and groceries we are making many unemployed, retired, and single parents happy each day. Get engaged make a difference today.

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Humanitarian actions
in Macedonia

Home and Office supplies

Make space for new memories.
The furniture you no longer need and the office supplies you no longer use, can be someone else's good news.


Borce Stamenov has brought happiness to many families in the past 4 years. He is the founder of the "Donate a Computer "- initiative which provides computers for families who can't afford such luxury for their children by fixing the computers that most people don't use.

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Doniraj Kompjuter
Borche Stamenov


Самохрана мајка, под кирија има потреба од покуќнина.
Се што имате, а не го користите, ќе биде од голема помош.
Ајде да ѝ пружиме поддршка.

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LGBT United


Share your old fashion style.
The hoodies and coats you used to adore, now they can mean so much more to someone else.

Здружението за заштита на правата на детето

Let's take care of the wellbeing of families and children in need. Help them by donating any clothes or shoes that are in good condition but you no longer yous. Make a positive change today.

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Defense for Children’s
Rights – Macedonia

Young unemployed people from Tetovo are in need of warm clothes during these difficult times. Reach out if you have any to donate.

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LGBT United