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Due to COVID-19


people are pushed into
extreme poverty

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Pay a bill, help a socially disadvantaged family

To provide a warm home, light and basic learning conditions for all children
from socially disadvantaged families!

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It all started at Startup Weekend COVID edition 2020 when we first realized that a result of this pandemic, social distancing, and limited resources we are facing a rapid increase in unemployment, poverty, and ways of combining our strength to offer help. Our research showed that even though organizations are doing their part by increasing their filed work, there is more help that could be provided by it’s not reached. So, we decided to change that by bringing you one click away from making your decision to donate, volunteer, or pay someone’s bill all through one platform. By the end of the weekend 11 professional partners signing a contact with us and getting other organizations asking how they could contribute with their volunteering efforts: “Craven Krst”, “Vistinski Dela na Ljubeznost”, “Lice v Lice”, “HERA”, “LGBT Tetovo”, “IT4Charity”, “VCS”, “Tech Park” and others.

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