Dhuroni një vakt sot.
Vakti më i shijshëm është vakti i përbashkët!

Make a positive change in the everyday life of families and children in need. Every donation of non expired food and groceries in welcomed. Personal hygiene products are also needed.

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Defense for children’s rights – Macedonia

By making small donations such as food supplies and groceries we are making many unemployed, retired, and single parents happy each day. Get engaged make a difference today.

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in Macedonia

Call to all legal entities that are ready to help. Make your food donation today.

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Site Siti 

Mobilje dhe furnizime zyre

Bëni hapësirë ​​për kujtime të reja.
Dhuroni mobilje, materiale zyre ose pajisje që nuk
i përdorni për më të prekurit.

Borce Stamenov has brought happiness to many families in the past 4 years. He is the founder of the "Donate a Computer "- initiative which provides computers for families who can't afford such luxury for their children by fixing the computers that most people don't use.

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Doniraj Kompjuter
Borche Stamenov

Schools are closed and online classes will last till the end of the school year. We need a generous donation of a smartphone, tablet or a computer so one lovely thirteen-year-old kid from Ohrid can continue with online education.

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Humano Srce


Ndani stilin tuaj.
Bluza e vjetër, palltoja dhe pantallonat tuaja mund
të jenë pjesë e domosdoshme e veshjes së dikujt.

Let's take care of the wellbeing of families and children in need. Help them by donating any clothes or shoes that are in good condition but you no longer yous. Make a positive change today.

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Defense for children’s rights – Macedonia

A young father to three adorable girls is in need of any clothes that you no longer need. Step up and help out

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Vistinski Dela Na Ljubeznost 

Young unemployed people from Tetovo are in need of warm clothes during these difficult times. Reach out if you have any to donate.

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LGBT United