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Making a living in order to survive from month to month, it’s not a choice it’s a consequence.
As a country in the early stages of development, we are still struggling with issues like unemployment and poverty, now more than ever.
Many families are facing the everyday stress of not knowing how to cover their monthly bills while spending their savings and finding new ways to provide income.
With your help, there’s hope. There’s a purpose to continue the fight.
Make someone’s struggles, a spark of strength, pay a bill today.

EVN AD Skopje is a monopoly for power distribution and supply company in North Macedonia. It was split in 2005 from former state integrated power company ESM and bought in 2006 by Austrian-based EVN Group. The company has about 800 000 electricity meters in the country.
Each and every household in our country depends on EVN regarding power and electricity which are essential for living, so even the families with no or low income have customer number.
There is EVN online fast pay which is an easy way to pay our bills or other bills to those who are not able to provide funds on their own.
Ones of Ways2Help’s most powerful business strategies are transparency and integrity.
The mass impact we achieved so far is due to the fact that all donated funds and payment transactions are processed directly to the legitimate and official destination (ex. “Pay Bills”, the transaction is executed directly on EVN official website), with no need for the benefit of the doubt.

Choose a family, copy the customer number and the invoice number. Click the PAY button.

On the EVN page, enter the customer number and the invoice number and follow the payment steps.

We will be grateful if you take a screenshot or photo of the receipt that the bill has been paid and attach it in the form below the table, so that we can have an overview and inform the families.
Thank you!
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